Lex Club endorses State and City candidates

The Lexington Democratic Club has endorsed the following candidates for election to state and city positions this year:

New York State Senate:
27th: Brad Holyman
28th: Liz Krueger
29th: Jose Serrano

New York Assembly:
73rd: Dan Quart

Civil Court:
County: Emily Morales-Minerva, Josh Hanshaft
4th District: Eileen Rakower, Judy Kim
6th District: Sabrina Kraus
9th District: Lori Sattler

New York State Democratic Committee:
Male: Conrad Foa
Female: Bessie Schachter

Judicial Delegates:
Suzanne Adams
Mike Asta
Peter Borock
Cory Evans
Russell Squire
Darren Marks
Domenico Minerva

Alternate Delegates:
Jamie Ansorge
Leslie d’Auguste
Ariel Chesler
Tomer Dorfan
Robin Marsico
Terence McCormick
Mark McKew

Author: Jonathan Spencer

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